Gemischter Satz

Smells of melons & herbs

Laessiger Gemischter Satz (guh-MISHTER suds) is a Viennese term for “field blend” – different grape varietals grown in the same vineyard. The resulting wine is an Austrian specialty balancing crisp fruit and subtle spice screaming for zesty lime risotto alongside granny style roast chicken. It’s all in the mix!

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Læssiger ratings

AWC Vienna


Silver medal

Tasting notes

Pale lime green with silver reflexes. Yellow tropical fruit with a hint of melon and herbs, delicate blossom honey. Racy, white apple, animated acid structure, subtle pear in the finish. A multifaceted food companion.

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Læssiger technical data

Drinking temperature Chill out and enjoy at 45–50 °F.
Alcohol 12,5% vol
Residual sugar dry