Behind the scenes.

The Læssiger Idea

Behind Læssiger are Viktoria and Michael Edlmoser.

Together with a young, ambitious team, the Edlmosers ensure that there is natural management of the vineyards, high quality of the grapes and perfect vinification according to the latest ecological and oenological knowledge and applications. The history of the traditional Viennese house of Edlmoser dates back to 1374 - always with high standards of quality and sustainability.

For a while, an idea for wines that transcend all borders was ripening …

Læssiger Delivers

With Læssiger this idea has become reality: a wine collection with distinctive regional and variety typicity. Light drinking pleasure with an exciting taste at a decent price – packaged with an appealing modern design and presentation.

Læssiger makes 100% joy, because Læssiger is there for everyone: wine connoisseurs are happy about the region- and variety-typical cool climate wines; and beginners, without any advice, can snap up the right bottle for some lifestyle inspiration - food pairings with a growing collection of simple yet delicious recipes and ideas for trendy wine cocktails.

Live Læssiger

Responsibility is Læssiger

Læssiger not only creates pleasure and joy, but we also want you to share it. That’s why we support the WineAid project, which benefits the Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation (Österreichische Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe) and Austrian Children’s Villages (Österreichische Kinderdörfer).

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